ECT, based in New Zealand, develops automated technology and provides professional services using RPAS (or 'drones') for environmental projects around the world. With a large range of RPAS platforms and technology, ECT assists in a range of scientific projects to provide a more efficient solution than traditional methods.

By merging automated technology with the latest in scientific research, we’re forging our way to be the leading environmental technology company. Although only recently established, ECT already has a dedicated team of professionals and associate partners including engineers, scientists, and automated technology experts.

The ECT Lab conducts numerous R&D projects and has many proprietary technologies in development.

Our focus is offering turnkey solutions for our clients and the team has extensive experience managing and operating successful projects in varied remote locations worldwide.

So why concentrate on unmanned systems?

There are multiple benefits for using automated tech, some of which include:

  • Easier, faster and cheaper logistics, as most RPAS units can be carried aboard a passenger plane for projects around the world

  • More cost-efficient to run and maintain than traditional methods with more accuracy and precision by way of preprogrammed flight missions

  • More time efficient and safer than having a ground team conduct the same work


We are always happy to talk through any bespoke projects that our clients may have.

Footage from a recent project, launching from a boat in rough seas.. Flying two heavy-lift multicopters and completing 146 flights in 2 days, all take-off and landings from the tight spot on the stern deck.. Is that a world record in drone flying?!

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