Infrastructure Maintenance

Are you managing facilities and have a problem with lichen, mould, or algae?


Our UAVs and vast experience in aerial chemical dispersal allows us to treat exterior buildings with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals efficiently and safely.

ECT provides a professional service and can operate as per the client’s needs and requirements. Whether it’s operating on odd hours or weekends to bypass the pedestrian traffic.


For building washdowns, we operate either manual or pre-programmed UAVs which can carry 20L of chemical each flight and pump out at 4L per minute. With a fast turnaround on the ground for multiple loads, it’s a big time saver in operations.


Benefits of using UAVs for exterior building washdowns:

  • Access to difficult to reach areas

  • No scaffolding required No high ropes required

  • Safer for personnel Faster operations

  • Zero footprint on the building so no potential damage (such as from scaffolding or
    tie-down points)

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