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Invasive Pests

ECT is highly experienced conducting aerial bait application using UAVs for eradication of invasive pests. ECT very recently conducted the first ever UAV island eradication of vertebrate pests alongside technical project partner, Island Conservation, on the Seymour Norte Island in the Galapagos.

We can utilise different platforms depending on the project requirements and payload size. Additionally we operate from or on a variety of landing zones and conditions, and are very familiar with remote location projects. Current methods for application of bait include hand baiting and helicopter application, but with the technological advancements of UAVs and the ever increasing heavy-lift platforms available, UAVs are becoming an extremely popular option. Apart from the precision and quantitative improvements, a lot of UAVs can easily be shipped to location by airplane which significantly improves the time and cost efficiencies of projects.


Benefits include:

  • Precision dropping of bait

  • Consistent and uniform application

  • Accuracy of flight lines and start/stop points 

  • Smaller buffer zones required

  • Lower logistical cost than manned helicopters

  • Accurate data reporting


We are happy to discuss any project, both domestically or internationally.


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