Drone seed pods

growing Native forests


A new tool for restoring native forests

~50ha per day, per drone
10k pods per ha
Zero ground disturbance

ECT is developing a seed pod formulation and drone delivery system for cost efficient and fast native reforestation. The seed pods are being specially designed for a variety of New Zealand environments and to maximize seed germination and seedling survival in these specific environments. ECT are working with current project partners; Ahika Consulting, University of Otago, Department of Conservation and Te Uru Rākau.


How does it work?

  • 1

    Project area review

    Site is reviewed for environment, soil type, tree species, predation and ground cover.

  • 2

    Seed Pod formulation

    Formulation of the seed pod is bespoke per project site to maximise seed germination and seedling survival, based on the project area review data.  

  • 3

    Seed Pod manufacturing

    Seed Pods are manufactured in bulk according to the project site formulation.

  • 4

    Aerial application

    Using pre-programmed heavy-lift drones, the seed pods are dispersed consistently across the project site at a rate of 1 per sqm. 

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